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2010 - 2018

Be Happy Productions 2018!

Daniel Evans: "I think 2017 was such a busy year that there was no time for anything. 2018 is the year of our comeback. 2 new projects are currently in the works. I am working on a new series with Jessica Evans and we begin filming on the 28th January. It will be a remake of our 2016 series 'Dan & Jess" however, there is going to be more variety to it. It will all be genuine, not scripted dialogue with days out and drive along's showing the true relationship we both have. As well as this our first documentary is being produced about the evolution of my video making. I am also currently directing a music video for college. I am on my second year of college, and its only a matter of time before I start work again. I at least want to get a few projects out before the end of the year.

27th January 2018

Be Happy Productions 2017!

It has almost been a year since Be Happy Productions founder 'Daniel Evans' last spoke, but productions were put on hold after work took over his personal life.
The Fall of Territim
In September 2016; just 4 months after the launch of the channel, Daniel quit due to personal issues and the clear decrease in traffic to the channel. Change in content and death of the genre of commentary channels caused the channel to die at a faster rate leaving Daniel to take a break from YouTube.
The Fall of 'The Ghost Hustlers'
With Daniel's busy personal life, Sarah Banhams' and Lee Rutter's departure from the group and Simon Woodwards busy work life, the group gradually separated and there was no time for season 2 of 'The Ghost Hustlers' to be produced
Daniels Personal Life
Since then Daniel met his girlfriend and focused on her and work. College assignments were also taking up time. Daniel has since made a short film "The Phone call" in May and in January he made a documentary on videogames. These were prioritised causing the cancellation of 'Ashley and his Dad' Season 4 and 'Darren and Suzie' Season 2.
27th June 2017

Ashley and his Dad Final Season DELAYED!

Due to the fact that Daniel's personal life has been filled with work and other events, the production of the web series final season has been delayed to 4th October 2016, this means it will be released after the 3 year anniversary of the show. The show will conclude 1st November 2016. The show will be based on the conclusion to the story of Ashley's childhood.

11th august 2016

The future of Be Happy Productions (EXTRA NEWS)

As of 23rd June, Daniel Evans finished his GCSE's and finished school. This means he will no longer be required to study, but this doesn't mean more time to make more web series. Daniel is very eager to start working and focus on new and bigger things. He also opened a new channel at the end of April 2016, which has now grown to more than 350 subscribers, Daniel believes more time should be put into that channel, then a hobby channel. The future doesn't look to positive for Be Happy, all we can say is that 'The Ghost Hustlers' has no plan of stopping and will hopefully have a long run. Ashley and his Dad will be coming to an end this year. As for Darren and Suzie, the future is unclear, Season 2 could be it's last. We will keep you updated.

27th June 2016

Ashley and his Dad - The show will end this Year!

The homemade sitcom that's been running since 2013, will be ending after its fourth season. Last year Daniel stated "I can see Ashley and his Dad going on for a long time". Unfortunately that will not happen due to the pick up of one of his channels, and lack of time to complete filming. As of this month Daniel Evans has finished school and wants to move on to bigger things such as college and getting a job, so after the summer of 2016, Ashley and his Dad will have finished. With only July to film the season, There will be 5 episodes with the final one being released on the 1st October 2016, as part of the 3 year anniversary of the show's pilot episode.

27th June 2016

Ghost Investigation Fail! Sarah Banham Resigns!

On 27th May, The Ghost hustlers crew investigated at a location which they had looked at in July 2015. Unfortunately the investigation failed, the equipment failed, all camera equipment failed to perform to satisfactory standards so season 2 of the ghost investigation show has been delayed until further notice. Also earlier this year Sarah Banham decided her place on 'The Ghost Hustlers' Crew was no longer required and decided to leave the group and the show. Further investigations are being planned.

28th May 2016

"That's a Wrap!" - Darren & Suzie is Complete!

Straight after the season premier of 'Darren & Suzie', Daniel and Jessica Evans finished filming episode 8 (The season finale) on the 3rd April 2016. Now the show is complete 'Darren & Suzie' won't be returning UNTIL Monday 31st October 2016 for the Halloween special! Then once more at Christmas. So technically there will be 10 episodes this season. After that Darren & Suzie will be back next April for Season 2.

  • Season 1 Episode 1 - 2nd April 2016 ✓
  • Season 1 Episode 2 - 9th April 2016 ✓
  • Season 1 Episode 3 - 16th April 2016 ✓
  • Season 1 Episode 4 - 23rd April 2016 ✓
  • Season 1 Episode 5 - 30th April 2016 ✓
  • Season 1 Episode 6 - 7th May 2016 ✓
  • Season 1 Episode 7 - 14h May 2016  ✓
  • Season 1 Episode 8 - 21st May 2016  ✓

4th April 2016

The Long Awaited 'Darren & Suzie' is here!

After waiting a long while, Darren & Suzie is finally here with the pilot episode, 'Proud to be British'. Darren is annoyed at Myles for staying in Menorca so he does everything he can to prove to him that being British is the best. The Episode is 9 minutes long and the first quarter is set in Menorca as Myles says his goodbyes and the rest is back in England! Watch it Now Here!

2nd April 2016

AMP Corp's Martin Groff to Join Darren & Suzie!

The Executive of AMP Corporation and so-star on award winning series "The Charlotte Ferris Show" Martin Groff will be guest appearing in the season finale of "Darren and Suzie". He will play the part of David Antonio (a magazine designer from Hollywood) and although he will only appear once in season 1, Be Happy will be producing Season 2 in early 2017, in which Martins character will appear much more often!

"I'm Really Excited to have Martin guest appear on the show, His work for AMP Corp is very inspiring for film-makers like myself, and I absoloutley love the Charlotte Ferris Show!" - Daniel Evans

Season 1 Episode 1 of Darren and Suzie is premièring, 2nd April 2016 on the Be Happy Productions YouTube Channel!

31st March 2016

Darren & Suzie - Well Underway!

The brand new - Mates spin off series, Darren & Suzie is schedueled to be released on 2nd April 2016. The pilot Episode features Myles's farewell from Menorca and Darren and Suzie arriving home back in England. The first episode is around 9 minutes long, then the episode lengths become shorter after that. There will be a total of 8 episodes in Season 1 and will be released every Saturday. Stay Tuned!
19th March 2016

No Longer Darren & Myles!

Darren and Myles is no longer Darren and Myles, it's now Darren & Suzie. Darren and Suzie are alone after Myles leaves them. They have to get on with their "ordinary" lives. It will premier on the 2nd April 2016!

7th March 2016

Darren and Myles Delayed

The show will now be delayed and will still be split into 2 half's, 10 Episodes each half, first half will be released from 14th May - 16th July 2016.
8th February 2016

Darren and Myles has Begun Filming!

After filming delay, Darren and Myles has finally begun filming, when it should've started filming at the end of December, half of the first episode has been filmed, the show will be split into 2 half's, 10 Episodes each half, first half will be released from 12th March - 14th May 2016. The second half will be released 23rd October - 25th December.
23rd January 2016

Sarah Banham's Out for The Colchester Hunt too?!

Along with Daniel Evans, Sarah Banham is possibly ruled out for the Ghost Hunt at Colchester, because her family have planned a break during the time of this investigation, so it looks as if she will be unable to attend. So Just Simon Woodward, Nick Humphrey and Lee Rutter will be performing the major ghost hunt.

21st January 2016

The Ghost Hustlers - Daniel's Ruled Out for a major Ghost Hunt!

In March 2016, The Ghost Hustlers will be undergoing an Investigation at Colchester, but unfortunately Daniel Evans will not be joining them because he is under the age of 18, so he will be undergoing filming for the second half of Season 1 of Darren and Myles whilst the first half will be during release by then. However, this isn't the first investigation of the year for The Ghost Hustlers, they will be performing mini investigations during February and early March and will be recorded with new equipment for Season 2. Although Daniel will not be joining them at Colchester, Replacement camera men will be recording the events of the night.
20th January 2016

Ashley and his Dad - Season 4 Planned!

Daniel Evans has planned Season 4 and The Season story line. Season 1 focused on introducing the characters, Season 2 focused on Ashley losing a best friend and Season 3 focused on Jeffery's failure to be a good Dad and Daniel Says that Season 4's storyline is focused on Ashley's mum and her slowly making her way and finding Ashley, but does she? Season 4 Episode 1 will be released 2nd August 2016. 
5th January 2016

Be Happy Productions 2016

2015 is officially over and 2016 has just begun. Be Happy productions has new plans for this year!
  • Season Premier of Darren & Myles
  • Fourth Season of Ashley and his Dad
  • Second Season of The Ghost Hustlers
  • Hopeful Collaboration Between Be Happy Shows.
1st January 2016

What Be Happy Productions did this Year.

2015 was the biggest year for Be Happy Productions, and here's why:
  • Third Season of Ashley and his Dad
  • Premier of the new Mates
  •  Flew to Menorca to film 5 Year Anniversary
  • Premier of The Ghost Hustlers
  • Daniel Evans had his first Radio Appearence

28th December 2015

Ashley and his Dad and The Ghost Hustlers

Ashley and his Dad the Christmas Special is ready and will be released 22nd December 2015. As for the Ghost Hustlers, the whole of season one will be released over the course of the next 7 days starting on the 21st December 2015. Season two of The Ghost Hustlers will start May 2016.
21st December 2015

Be Happy Productions is returning - But Mates is Cancelled.

After a 2 Month Battle with YouTube, Be Happy Productions is re-opining a new YouTube channel, after YouTube closed it down after false allegations. With the Channel being closed down it took all Mates Episodes with it, meaning Mates has been cancelled after mid release of Season 3! But don't worry, Its not the end of Darren and Myles, As Daniel Evans will be filming a new spin off show starring the two characters, with 1 season a year with a total of 15 Episodes per series. Daniel Evans is Currently Filming the Ashley and his Dad Christmas special as compensation for the 5 year anniversary being dropped as well.
17th December 2015

Be Happy Productions 5 Year Anniversary Filmed!

The Be Happy Production 5 year anniversary: Ashley and his Mates has been filmed during this past week in another country. The 5 year spectacular was filmed on the island of Menorca and it shows the mates crew going on Holiday but end up colliding with Ashley and His Dad. The Episode is planned to be released 1st December as the final be happy production of 2015!
18th October 2015 - from the island of Menorca

Mates Season 3 is Currently Being Filmed

Due to Filming delay, Mates Season 3 is only being filmed now, and with just over a month until release they have to hurry, especially as they still have a tight schedule. The Crew will also be heading out of the country on the 12th October to film Episode 6.

3rd October 2015

The Ghost Hustlers - What are They up to?

On the 22nd August, The Ghost Hustlers travelled 2 hours to The Ghost hustlers own Sarah Banhams house and performed a mini investigation, after Sarah stated she believed her house is haunted. The Episode will be coming soon after all evidence is analysed.
1st September 2015

Ashley and his Dad - Season 3 is Complete!

Ashley and his Dad Season 3 is Complete with 5 Episodes filmed and 4 episodes edited. With just 5 days to go before the enitial release of Season 3, Ashley and his Dad is officially ready to begin uploading. Season 3 of Mates will now be filmed.
30th July 2015

The Ghost Hustlers - Season 1 Episode 2!

Episode 2 is here, the group head into Hockley Woods to begin there first ever Ghost Hunt, Click the picture to watch it!
25th July 2015

Don't do Drugs - Season 2?

It has been an on and off discussion for over a year now, Daniel Evans is still deciding weather or not to make a Don't do Drugs Season 2, as the story never fully concluded. Daniel filmed a second season in late 2013 where the group perform a heist on a popular music studio and it goes wrong when the entire police force show up, It was amazing, but wasn't released due to 3 major continuity errors. Season 2 might happen still, if so it will be released in late 2015 or early 2016.
24th July 2015

The Ghost Hustlers - "Meeting"

On the 24th July The Ghost Hustlers Crew will be meeting up to discuss their plan for their Second Ghost Hunt at Toom Hall. They will meet up at 7pm in a local public house, along side the tour guide, to discuss everyone's each and individual role on the night of their second Ghost Hunt. Of Course, Daniel Evans is in Control of Filming. The Second part of Season 1 is planned to be released at the end of September.

24th July 2015

What has Changed in the New Season of Ashley and his Dad?

With Just 2 weeks to go, let's discuss What's new about the brand new Season of

Ashley and his Dad?

1: New Cameras, so the episodes are in Much higher quality!

2: In fact All Episodes of Season 3 are in HD

3: New Editing Software allowing Ashley and Jeffery to be in the same shot!

4: New Location - New House that the show is set in

5: A New Character will be introduced at the end of the season!

21st July 2015

Daniel Evans on The Radio!

Daniel Evans Alongside Simon Woodward and Lee Rutter were on the Radio Today to Discuss The Ghost Hustlers and there Hunt in Hockley woods! Unfortunately it was cut short due to technical difficulties which was believed to be caused by the paranormal. Details on the "Paranormal interference" Will be in The Ghost Hustlers Season 1 Episode 4.
9th July 2015

Part 2 of Season 1 of The Ghost Hustlers Confirmed!

On Thursday the 9th of July Daniel Evans, along side the Ghost Hustlers crew will be attending a meeting to discuss the where abouts of the next ghost hunt for The Ghost Hustlers Season 1 Part 2. "We've bought new equipment and we've set out to make this season much better then the last" Says Daniel. Although we're still waiting on Season 1, which will be released Mid July, it's going to be a long wait for part 2, which probably wont be released until October.
4th July 2015

Final Episode of Ashley and Mathew!

3 Seasons, 27 Episodes, 2 Best Friends End their story as Ashley says goodbye to his beloved friend, Mathew. In Tonight's final Episode of Ashley and Mathew, Mathew has a trampolining accident which then results in Ashley saying his goodbyes to him...
30th June 2015

Episode 1 for Ashley and his Dad Season 3 is Complete!

Daniel Evans has completed filming for Episode 1 of Ashley and his Dad Season 3, that is to be released on the 4th August. Episode 2 Begins Filming 28th June 2015.
27th June 2015

Exclusive interview with Lily Evans

22nd June 2015

Ashley and his Dad Season 3 Episode 1 - Begun Filming

It may seem a little late but episode 1 has begun filming on the 20th June 2015, Episode 4 and 5 were recorded but deleted due to continuity errors. Robert Barlow originally starred in episode 4 and 5 but will no longer be in the remakes of the episodes. Daniel Evans expects filming to be completed mid July and all edited before the release date - 4th August 2015.
21st June 2015

Short Interview with Daniel Evans - The Final Episode?

19th June 2015

Robert Barlow's Resignation and Ashley and Mathew's Final Episode

Ashley and his Dad has decided to carry on after saying season 3 was the last season the show. As for Mathew Troy portrayed by Robert Barlow will not be in season 3 for the show but he will be appearing one last time for the final episode of Ashley and Mathew, that will be released in late June or early July. Robert Barlow is now no longer working with Be Happy Productions and resigned Monday 15th June. Daniel Says "Its unfortunate, we had so many plans for future shows. One was absolutely amazing, but now will not probably happen." After Ashley and Mathew is finished, Daniel Evans will be on his own and focus on his Show Mates and Ashley and his Dad.

Image of Robert Barlow as Mathew Troy in the final Episode of Ashley and Mathew.
18th June 2015