Be Happy Productions

2010 - 2018

Darren & Suzie - Darren and Suzie are alone after Myles leaves them. They have to get on with their "ordinary" lives.

First Episode Date: 2nd April 2016
Final episode Date: 21st May 2016

S1: 8 Episodes

Daniel Evans - 8 Episodes, as Darren Carter 
Jessica Evans - 8 Episodes, as Suzie Andrews

Guest Stars:
Lily Evans - 1 Episode, as Amy Richardson
Martin Groff - 1 Episode, as David Antonio

The Ghost Hustlers - 5 People Who are in search for any form of Paranormal Activity. Simon, Daniel, Lee, Molly and Nick are all part of The Ghost Hustlers Crew. The first Season is based on their ghost hunt in Hockley woods. Filming is still Undergoing.

First Episode Date: 18th July 2015

Latest Episode Date: December 26th 2015

First Ghost Hunt Date: 22nd May 2015

S1: 6 Episodes. S2: (2018: To be confirmed.)

No. of Seasons: 1 Total Episodes: 6

Starring: Daniel Evans - 6 Episodes, As Himself

Simon Woodward: 6 Episodes, As Himself

Lee Rutter: 3 Episodes, As Himself

Sarah Banham: 3 Episodes. As Herself

Nick Humphrey: 3 Episodes, As Himself

Guest Stars:

Candice Russell: 3 Episodes, Guest Investigator GCUK

Joe Glanville: 3 Episodes, Guest Investigator GCUK

Rachel Darby: 1 Episode, Lead Investigator for GCUK

M.a.t.e.s - 5 Friends who live in an apartment building together getting through everyday life, and something exciting and surprising happens every day!

First Episode Date: 28th October 2010

Final Episode Date: June 11th 2012

S1: 5 Episodes S2: 9 Episodes S3: 13 Episodes. S4: 6 Episodes.        S5: Cancelled

No, of Seasons: 4 Seasons with 33 Episodes.

Actors: Daniel Evans - 28 Episodes, As Chandler

Megan Evans: 26 Episodes As Rachel

Chloe White: 15 Episodes, As Bryony Emmons

Jessica Evans: 17 Episodes, As Phoebe Buffay

Lily Evans: 16 Episodes, As Monica

Alex Evans: 4 Episodes, As Himself

Trivia: M.A.T.E.S is a Spoof of Friends

M.a.t.e.s poster for Facebook made in 2011

Ashley and his Dad - A Troubled kid who's mums in prison and has a strict father. As Ashley goes through his pre-teen years, he attempts to prove his Dad wrong with everything! In the end nothing ever works out the way it's supposed to.

No. of Seasons: 3

S1: 5 Episodes. S2: 5 Episodes. S3: 6 Episodes. S4: 5 Episodes (PP)

First Episode Date: 1st October 2013

Latest Episode Date: 22nd December 2015


Daniel Evans: 11 Episodes, As Ashley and Jeffery Carr

Robert Barlow: 1 Episode, As Mathew Troy 

Lily Evans: 4 Episodes, As Rachel

Alex Evans: 3 Episodes As Jacob

Jessica Evans: (Extra) 2 Episodes as The Postman and Random Stranger.

Trivia: Ashley and his Dad is the Longest running Show from BHP!

Ashley and his Dad Season 1 - 2013

Ashley and Mathew: Spin-off show from Ashley and his Dad About Ashley and his Best Friend Mathew Troy on their way, to and from school, and Ashley films it on his phone.

First Episode Date: 4th March 2014

Final Episode Date: 30th June 2015

No. of Seasons: 3

Season 1: 10 Episodes, Season 2: 11 Episodes, Season 3: 5 Episodes.

Total Amount of Episodes: 27


Daniel Evans: 27 Episodes as Ashley Carr

Robert Barlow: 27 Episodes as Mathew Troy

Joshua Harris: 1 Episode as Neo from the Matrix

Joshua Cuddmore: 1 Episode as Himself

Harry White: 1 Episode as himself

Photo: Ashley and Mathew Season 3 Episode 6

Mates - 3 Friends, Darren, Myles and Suzie Live together and they get through every troubling thing coming their way, and stick together through thick and thin.

First Episode Date: 5th March 2015

Final Episode Date: 10th November 2015

No. of Seasons: 3 Seasons, 15 Total Episodes.

Season 1: 6 Episodes

Season 2: 6 Episodes

Season 3: 3 Episodes (Cancelled after 3rd Episode)


Daniel Evans: 15 Episodes As Darren Carter and Myles Lloyd

Jessica Evans: 12 Episodes As Suzie Andrews

Megan Evans: 4 Episodes As Rachel Lloyd.

First Be Happy Productions of:

2010: M.A.T.E.S - Season 1 Episode 1

2011: M.A.T.E.S - Season 2 Episode 1

2012: M.A.T.E.S - Season 4 Episode 1

2013: Ashley and his Dad - Season 1 Episode 1

2014: Ashley and his Dad - Season 2 Episode 1

2015: Mates - Season 1 Episode 1

2016: Darren & Suzie - Season 1 Episode 1